Audrey Watters

In learning about Audrey Watters, I came across this article. In it she slams the online math site Khan academy. In the article she explains that it is not the magic bullet that many claim it to be and that most students need, basically, human interaction in order to make the learning meaningful. I fully … Continue reading Audrey Watters


International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) (#IMMOOCB1)

ISTE is an organization that focuses on how to implement technology in education in order to transform traditional classrooms into ones where students take charge and use technology to explore and learn. The framework for this organization lies in 14 “Essential Conditions” that help schools focus and plan for successful technology integration. This blog post, … Continue reading International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) (#IMMOOCB1)

#IMMOOC Week 2

How do you embody the characteristics of an Innovator’s Mindset? I believe my personality lends itself to that of innovation. I love Finding and solving problems Taking stock of all of my resources Examining problems from all angles Creating prototypes and reworking things until they are perfect And figuring out how to do something better … Continue reading #IMMOOC Week 2