A campaign to build curiosity and confidence in computing

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I find that students and teachers are exposed to a lot of different types of technologies but they are not used to their fullest extent and are used for the sake of using technology. A quick Google search of “online quiz teacher” gives 6,350,000 results of different sites one could presumably use to make some sort of quick assessment to give to students. All of them are probably great, but I find that teachers are quick to grab on to the newest and better thing without fully exploring the depth and breadth of each program.

My postcard is called the “Click All the Things” campaign. If you are familiar with the blog Hyperbole and a Half you might recognize the meme image in my postcard. Basically I would like to see people investigate all of the possibilities that a program/website/tech resource has to offer and know what they can do with it fully.

Directions to my “students”

  • Identify a computer program you use frequently.
  • Learn what all of the buttons do…all of them.

First steps to achieve this goal:

  • Give people a reason to want to do this (productivity, creativity, etc.).
  • Give people the time to experiment.
  • Give people reassurance that they are not going to break anything that can’t be fixed.

One thought on “CLICK ALL THE THINGS

  1. When I read this I immediately envisioned this image

    Most of us use or need less than 10% of the functionality of most software tools.

    When I had my own classroom one of my favorite assignments that I did annually was to assign “Dazzle Demos” . You had to learn a new technology (one new to you) and Dazzle us with the technology and Dazzle us with your presentation. There was a two part rubric that accompanied it. I vividly remember a young man who lead the way and shared his a new voice recognition tool (this was in the late 1900’s)… the next day a young lady shared her new to her tool (a digital camera) using a PowerPoint filled with animations and transition for her presentation. The first young man came to me after class and asked if he could ‘redo’ his Dazzle Demo. It was interesting to see how both of increased awareness for different interest and aptitude turned us into a community. Thanks for triggering that memory.

    I’m looking forward to see where the Click Anything idea takes you.


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