Understanding Leadership in Comic Form

For my visualization I wanted to create something more graphic and simple. I have used mind mapping software and get more hung up on having all things aligned properly than what is going in it. Additionally, I find that while it’s helpful to go through the process of making one, afterwards it feels like more of a mess and I can’t distill any information out of it.

After reading all of the leadership material, it looked like there were three main concepts that all were writing/talking about:

  • the ability to inspire people to be/do/act better
  • giving direction
  • influence through relationship, not power

I made this little visualization (shown below) using the platform over at Witty Comics. It wasn’t the best platform for editing and saving things, but it was a lot of fun. It was originally designed (I believe) for creating dialogues for students taking foreign languages. It’s fun to play with.



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