My Twitterverse

Twitter plays a big role in our High School. Here’s our principal’s account:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 3.05.53 PM.png

He’s got a lot of tweets! About a year ago I thought our math department should jump in on the bandwagon and I created the account @SBMathApartment


where I tweet sporadically about math events, fun things in our department, or whatever else seems interesting.

In the Fintelman post “To tweet or not to tweet,” the author acknowledges her initial hang ups with Twitter, “It’s full of links, hashtags, too much punctuation, and too few correctly spelled words, all in the name of getting as much as possible out of 140 characters,” I completely agree. There feels like there is a lot of noise to get used to before you can delve into Twitter.

After getting used to the feel of Twitter, I started following people in the field of math that I admired, and had some sort of connection to. I find that there are people who post things that I am always intrigued to learn about and I generally learn something new about my profession every time I log on.

Being somewhat new to Twitter, I would not say that my usage has changed much. I am not very active on the site and do not get involved in any debates, chats, or many back and forth conversations. I could certainly be using it more. With all of the social media sites, this one gets placed on the back burner often.  


One thought on “My Twitterverse

  1. As a principal, Patrick’s audience might be quite different than yours.
    I approach Twitter differently depending on what’s happening in my life professionally. Sometimes it is a big part of a personal inquiry (both researching, and synthesizing and sharing my own learning)
    Sometimes I back away and don’t look at my Twitter for long periods of times.
    I still remember one of my Twitter friends telling me I should change my Twitter handle to ‘she formerly known as @techsavvygirl after a long absence. 😉

    It should only be part of your life when its useful to you and those around you. But it does take a certain degree of practice to curate a useful Twitter stream and one can’t know if it is useful until one has done that. Sounds like you are in the curation phase finding the most helpful folks to follow for your purpose.


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