What Ifs (#IMMOOCB3)

A What If that is missing from Curos’ list that I ask myself at times is,

What if we had time to do all of the amazing things that we imagine?

At a conference last year focused on creating change in schools, our team worked through how to best implement moving towards a proficiency based grading system. Two of the focus questions the presenter asked us during the process was “What is being added?” and “What is being taken away?” after implementing our change. Our list of additions was LONG and our list of things to eliminate was meager.

To allow for change to happen, we need to be able to let go of old and make room for new. What can you eliminate to make room for new innovation?



2 thoughts on “What Ifs (#IMMOOCB3)

  1. Kristine, I think your question of what can we get rid of to make room for new ways of learning is a very important question and one that is too often overlooked. Schools are always looking to ADD to what they can do and often times never look at what is taking up time in the day that may or may not be beneficial to students or to teachers. Also I think that checking for redundancy is an important area when adding new opportunities. I know that several classes at my school are starting to use blogs, podcast, and other types of online outlets for student work. Yet many teachers feel they have to introduce how to use these tools that many of the students are already familiar with. teaching students how to do things they already know is a sure way to lose their interest.

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  2. I enjoyed this post and the picture made me laugh. What if we had all the time to do what we imagined? It would be amazing! I feel like it’s one thing to make room for new ideas, but important to remember the old ones as well. Nice insight.

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