One Just for Fun on Today’s Innovations

I had a great day of innovations. The first came out of frustration that I had forgotten to attach my fender to my bike on my first muddy commute to work and got my bag and pants all muddy. I spent the morning designing and laser cutting one while students took the SBAC test. It was a much drier ride home.


The second was to finally solve a camping problem. The other day I overheard my co worker talking about a new coffee contraption he had bought so that he could enjoy coffee while out camping. His go to has been Starbuck’s Via Instant Coffee. I suggested one of these instead a while back, but they are a little on the pricy side. So, still unsatisfied with instant coffee he bought some sort of new coffee contraption that is like a french press but somehow with out the press part. I’ll update tomorrow. Anywho, my innovative idea was this:


Why don’t people just put coffee grounds in a tea ball and steep it like coffee? Same idea as a french press right?


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